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Airport and Hotel Transfers

Mbiti Africa Safaris offers excellent, affordable, and on-time airport transfer rates for arriving and departing guests in all major airports and airstrips across Kenya.
In addition, we can arrange for inter-hotel transfers.


Mbiti Africa Safaris offers the best rates in hotel bookings in Kenya and East Africa at large. There are numerous hotels, resorts, lodges, tented camps, villas, cottages, and flats to choose from, depending on your budget.
What is the difference between a tented camp and a safari lodge?
We are glad you asked!
Lodge buildings are permanent with concrete walls, while tented camps consist of safari tents erected on permanent foundations. Now, these are not your backyard or on a campsite tents. Instead, safari tents are enormous with ensuite bathrooms and often feature a small terrace.
These tented camps range from basic amenities to luxe!
However, regardless of where you choose to stay, we have the first-hand experience of the offerings by many facilities and are best suited to match your budget with the best accommodations.
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